Alumni Profile

The curriculum was conducted by internal parties represented by faculty officers, lecturers, students and external stakeholders (employers and graduates) to formulate learning outcomes and graduate profiles. Tracer studies and graduate employability are used as a basis for the curriculum development. The information below elaborates the alumni profile of BPEHR.


Graduates have the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate learning, as well as transfer knowledge, skills, and skills about physical education and sports to students with good communication. (Transferable Knowledge and Skills)


Graduates have the ability and skills to carry out their duties, responsibilities, and authorities to educate, teach, and/or train civil servants, which consist of learning management competencies, personality competencies, social competencies, and substantive competencies(Competency Developer)

Extracurricular Advisor

Graduates have the ability to work in a systematic, patterned, and objective manner in fostering the interests and talents of students, as well as being able to organize inclusive education. (Excellent Coach)

Number of Graduates in the Last Ten Judicial Periods

Judical Period Number of Graduates Information
March 2022 5
February 2022 7
January 2022 17
December 2021 4
November 2021 2
October 2021 12
September 2021 20
August 2021 2
July 2021 18
June 2021 10